Did Sexual Abuse by MILO Lead to Murder?


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Daily Stormer
October 26, 2017

Murderer Lane Davis, driven mad by kike MILO

Lane Davis, more commonly known as Seattle4Truth, is a right-wing journalist and anti-pedophile crusader who's most known for his work as an editor on The Ralph Retort, a gaming blog for bigots and woman haters.

On July 14th, Davis got into an argument with his father. During the altercation, Davis repeatedly plunged a kitchen knife into his back and chest. After he felt his father’s final heartbeat through the handle of his blade, he wiped the blood off on his clothes, walked outside, and promptly surrendered to police who then charged him with first degree murder.

Skagit Valley Herald:

The Bow-area man accused of stabbing his father to death was charged Thursday in Skagit County Superior Court. Lane Maurice Davis, 33, pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree murder. He is being held on $1 million bail.

An audio recording of the fight, found on his father Charles Davis’ cellphone, indicated that Lane Davis threatened to kill his father several times.


From the motion for probable cause filed by the Skagit County Sheriff's Department.

I wonder how a discussion that revolves around pedophilia can get you called a Nazi? Well, it turns out that Lane had served as a former slave of MILO, so the conversation probably included phrases like "child raping kikes." When you suffer mental and emotional (and potentially physical and sexual) abuse at the hands of a faggot kike, it turns out you might end up really furiously mad about it later.

The Daily Beast:

Lane had hooked up with Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, an alt-right provocateur who shared a similar interest in GamerGate, or the clicks that came with their army. Lane signed on as researcher and ghostwriter, one of 44 in Yiannopoulos’s mostly unpaid employ. (Lane later leaked the details of Yiannopoulos’s intern horde to BuzzFeed.)
Lane Davis had worked for Milo for quite a while as one of his many unpaid interns and—according to several sources who wish to remain anonymous—Davis had become upset with Milo after he failed to deliver on his promise of getting him a job at Breitbart.

He complained about Milo not paying him and said he felt he’d been betrayed and strung along. His impression was that Milo had promised him work with Breitbart if he proved himself with his research, and had gone back on his word over Davis once saying “nigger” on a livestream. The “nigger” thing was months before he’d started working for Milo, so he thought it was unfair to hold that against him.

Milo Yiannopoulos has been feverishly scrambling to cover up any evidence that he ever employed Davis, but the internet never forgets. White nationalist fashion blogger Margaret McClellan posted evidence of Milo removing Davis’ name from one of his bylines.


Through a spokesperson, Yiannopoulos’s responded to an interview request from The Daily Beast with a statement:

“Mr. Davis was a volunteer for me for a brief period of time prior to my founding MILO Inc. I was unhappy with his work and discontinued the relationship. I then experienced his anger firsthand as he threatened me and later went to BuzzFeed making false and inaccurate accusations."

The problem with Milo’s claim is that—not only did the reports that he had a bunch of interns ghostwriting his material turn out be true—but he was also outed as a pederast in 2016.

This is right around the time that he and Davis had their falling out. Is it possible that Milo sexually abused Davis? Could this be the source of Seattle4Truth’s violent rage? While this is merely speculation, it leads one to wonder if there isn’t another killer that Milo is grooming.


Fucked over by a faggot, so you stab your father to death.



Milo is far from right wing, he’s a kike pure and simple


I don’t blame him for murdering a boomer tbh, he was probably boomersplaning some shit and the guy just snapped.


I can totally understand his anger at his father if the father was calling him a nazi / racist. Boomers are thoroughly indoctrinated and mostly beyond help.

As I sit in a restaurant typing out this reply there’s a white boomercuck and his son in the booth next to me who have been literally talking about fantasy football for a half hour and the game one of them attended. On and on and on about the n!ggers in the secondary, what some retired n!gger thinks about mental aspects of football, I hear numerous “Your boy this”, “Your boy that” fantasy football references, and just endless mind numbing crap. When they finally get done discussing the big game they started talking about the New England game, apparently Tom Brady was hit late and officials threw “55” penalties (no clue where he got this # from) immediately and implied that was just racist thing for the officials to do (virtue signaling against Brady is trendy). Then a 15 minute conversation ensued about his boy Carson Palmer in some other fantasy league he plays in with his brother in law. Apparently Palmer sucked and is dragging his fantasy team down. At least the convo finally changed when a cute blonde soccer mom being mildly flirtacious (she smelled nice) who apparently knew these two (from work possibly) casually came and sat down next to the boomercuck’s son and they discussed work related innuendos and rumors, grilled cheese sandwiches, movie theatre crap, h.s. football, some military relative who wears bomber jackets, best way to make tacos, and finally boomercuck steered convo back to football and Aaron Rodgers (boomercuck asked soccer Mom would she have sex with him?) how much he hates the vikings and also the bears too. The talked about some juggernaut team, blonde soccer Mom asked what that meant (Is it all one word?", sigh…) Blah blah blah. Scary to think this is the typical mindset of the majority of our people. No wonder we’re losing.




Wow, that is really sad. I really want to start living a Varg Vikernes off-grid existence, and pretty soon too. The normie-world is just too much.


See what associating with homo jews does to you? Terrible.


Wasnt Margaret McClellan the woman milo got to front his scholarship fund for white men scam a while back?
What ever happened to that money btw?

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